Top 5 Reasons to choose a RE/MAX Sales Associate

1. An Experienced Agent you can count on

Your home may be your biggest personal investment. One of the most important decisions you’ll make when selling your home is who will assist you. You should put the sale of your home in the hands of an experienced agent who’ll produce results for you and provide a premier customer experience.

To help you sell your home quickly and for the best possible price, an agent must effectively manage the transaction from start to finish. This requires specialised knowledge and skills:

  • – Knowing the market
  • – Pricing your home correctly
  • – Staging your home, inside and out, for maximum impact
  • – Marketing to attract buyers
  • – Negotiating the offer to deliver the best return
  • – Navigating inspections, apprasials and the details
  • – Successfully closing the deal

Drawing upon their experience, RE/MAX Sales Associates will work to sell your home for the best price in the shortest time. That’s why nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

2. A Trusted Advisor at your side

RE/MAX Sales Associates are trusted advisors who are committed to you and possess the knowledge and experience to help you navigate today’s complex real estate market.

Experience Equals Results

Selling your home quickly and for the best possible price depends on accurate market analysis, strategic pricing, effective marketing and negotiation.

RE/MAX Sales Associates average more sales than other real estate agents.

Expertise Built on Training

It takes an agent with superior training to provide you with the best advice and counsel. That’s why you’ll often see professional designations and certifications listed among the qualifications of the best agents.

RE/MAX Sales Associates lead the industry in professional designations, which means many have expertise in specialised areas, including new home sales, commercial property, the luxury home market, mortgagees, development projects, working with first home buyers, investors and many others.

3. Marketing to attract more buyers

Looking for more potential buyers to find your property? A RE/MAX Sales Associate can help your home stand out in a very competitive marketplace.

Getting the Basics Right

The RE/MAX balloon and “For Sale” sign are among the most-recognised real estate symbols in the world. When home buyers see that sign in your yard, they understand that you’re working with an industry leader.

Local and National Advertising

TV, radio, billboard, print, and internet advertisements reach millions of people every day to help your RE/MAX Sales Associate drive more potential buyers, more showings and more overall activity to your home.

Putting the Internet to Work for You

More than 80 percent of homebuyers begin their search on the Internet. When your home is advertised on, in conjunction with industry portals, your home will receive extensive online exposure among consumers – one of whom might be the perfect buyer for your home.

International buyers will access your listing through, the worlds most visited real estate website.

Marketing Materials that Leverage Technology

Want to help market your home? Send an e-flyer or Virtual Tour – created by a RE/MAX Sales Associate – to family, friends and co-workers.

RE/MAX Sales Associates can design customised virtual tours and web commercials of your home to be placed on and other industry websites for potential buyers to experience.

A Network of Nearly 100,000 Agents Working Together

Marketing to other top agents is critical in generating higher interest in your property. Marketing within our successful agent network means even greater visibility of your home.

4. Outstanding Results for you

Pricing, staging and marketing are the first steps in successfully selling your home, but closing the sale requires in-depth knowledge and experience. Once you’ve accepted an offer, a lot of details remain before you get to the closing table.

Strategic Negotiation

Purchase offers on your home may be complicated and might contain special clauses. Price is not the only consideration. Your RE/MAX Sales Associates will help you understand and evaluate offers and work hard to get you the best terms possible. Understanding contingencies and closing loopholes will help the sale go smoothly.

Navigating Inspections, Appraisals and the Details

In many cases, the most critical elements of a home sale occur after you and the buyer have reached an agreement. These components of the transaction may include home inspections, objections, resolution deadlines, mortgage lender appraisals, title searches, surveys and more.

A RE/MAX Sales Associate will help you understand the process and keep the sale on track.

Close with Confidence

Your RE/MAX agent will hep you navigate the critical steps once the final offer is made so that you can close with confidence.

Moving On

If you’re relocating, your RE/MAX Sales Associate can find an agent at the other end with the right qualification to meet your interests and needs.

When you relocate, you’re doing more than changing your address; you’re making a life transition, ideally with as little disruption as possible. Whether it’s across the road, around New Zealand, or anywhere in the world, RE/MAX Sales Associates have the network to help you make the connections you need.

5. Making a difference in the Community

It takes leadership and dedication to be a powerful community citizen. It means selflessly giving of yourself – being it your money, time or effort – for a greater cause. RE/MAX Sales Associates around the world understand this concept and proudly support many charities including Children’s Miracle Network and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Camp Quality

RE/MAX Sales Associates regularly make donations to the Camp Quality program.

Camp Quality is a non profit organisation that is committed to bringing hope and happiness to every child living with cancer, their families and communities through ongoing quality recreational, educational and financial support programs.

The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is a regular visitor at the Camp Quality Annual Summer Camp giving children the opportunity to take tethered rides in the Balloon.

RE/MAX Green

Concerned about the environment? So is RE/MAX. Together, you and your RE/MAX agent can take steps to ensure a better environment for future generations.