choose an agent

How do you choose an agent?

When appointing a real estate agent, look for someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

A good sales associate understands that setting a price for your property is one of the hardest decisions, both emotionally and financially, that you must make. While there is no “exact” price for any piece of real estate, your agent should have access to extensive knowledge of local market conditions and be able to provide comparisons of similar properties that are on the market or have sold recently.

By applying this information to your own property, an agent can help you review all the relevant facts so that together you can make an informed decision on the anticipated selling price range of your property. An experienced agent will also develop a marketing strategy designed to help you achieve maximum sale price.

They will keep you informed throughout the marketing process and advise you of any change in local market conditions. Through their experience, a good sales associate can offer advice on how to present your home to attract buyers. Often some simple steps like re-arranging the furniture or storing unused items can make a home more attractive to potential buyers.

When making a decision on who to appoint, look for a real estate professional who can demonstrate a track record of great results and is willing to take on the responsibility of working for you.

Why a RE/MAX Sales Associate?

RE/MAX is not like other real estate companies. Our business has always been about producing the industry’s most qualified and professional salespeople. At RE/MAX, we regard our real estate salespeople as educated business personnel and we take great pride in supporting them with the most advanced education, training and technology the industry has to offer.

RE/MAX acknowledges that it’s the salespeople who know how to best serve their clients needs so we give them the freedom to do so. RE/MAX sales associates are encouraged to think laterally and use innovative marketing, backed by the tools they need to take them to the top of their field.

Why do we do this? Because RE/MAX is the market leader when it comes to recognising that good salespeople are the core strength of any real estate company.

For over three decades this philosophy – established by our pioneers back in 1973 – has held true. Our experience has shown that by producing top sales associates, we will in fact be offering our clients the best and most professional service possible.

Back in the early days, other real estate groups thought we were crazy. However, this world-leading attitude now sees competitors trying to follow our lead.

By attracting the industry’s best agents and providing them with training, support and the freedom to run their business their way, the RE/MAX network has developed a worldwide real estate sale force second to none.